About Us

Triple SSS Press Media Development, Inc.,  was founded by Susan Simpfenderfer, CEO/President. We are celebrating our 15th year in business and want to thank our clients whom we've served for helping us make that milestone possible. We, like you, have made the transition into the digital spaces and can help you achieve great success with your online initiatives, whether providing content or working with your authors to develop it.

Experience and Philosophy

“It’s Personal.” For us and for you. Since 2002, Triple SSS has written, created or managed and edited over 800,000 manuscript pages and screens. With our writers and editors, we have a combined 50+ years of experience in educational publishing, including digital content creation and courseware. We remain uniquely positioned to meet your needs because of our executive experiences within companies like yours as well as right here at TripleSSS. We have expertise from concept to final released product for both print and online products, and in-depth industry experience in K-12, nearly all career college disciplines, nursing and health-related fields, higher education, and STM.

  • Quality, schedule and cost are King
  • Communication is the life-blood of any project
  • Talent and experience are critical to the quality of each project
  • Every project is unique-there is no one-size-fits-all 

Email: info@id8triplesss.com or ssimpfenderfer@id8triplesss.com for more information.

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