Freelance Information

So You Want to Become a Freelancer? 

Triple SSS Press Media Development, LLC, provides comprehensive and strategic development solutions to educational publishers, its only target audience. Triple SSS does not provide task-oriented development but offers high-end strategic thinking with first-hand knowledge of the target audience. In addition, Triple SSS offers the knowledge of the publishing client's financial challenges and offers sales acumen needed to make any product successful, and it is applied at every step with a keen eye toward competition.
Triple SSS only works with highly experienced educational publishing professionals. You must have no fewer than 5-10 years of experience in educational development and author/project management and have shown evidence of having worked on former/current bestsellers.
Flat-fee pricing is usually provided to our clients and to you, our freelancers, so the clients can be sure to avoid prices creeping up over time on an individual product. “It's Personal.” We do have their bottom line in mind, as it seems to lead to more projects over time. Occasional projects are priced hourly or by the page. You must be flexible to work with Triple SSS, and not rigid in what you’re willing to do for the client.
We seek to work with writers, developmental editors and production project management professionals.
Projected Revenue for Freelancers
Triple SSS does not provide freelancers a guaranteed yearly revenue. There are averages based on the time you can commit to freelancing, however, and we would be glad to speak with you about those averages. You are in your own business where more work is based on past successful work.
The business is growing through writing and manuscript development opportunities, with project management beginning to come into the picture.
We do encourage you to speak to other Triple SSS freelancers. The resulting net taxable income of a freelancer is results oriented ONLY and is also dependent on how the freelancer manages his or her expenses.
Projected Costs for Freelancers
Costs to take into consideration are the following:
  • Computer costs
  • Software costs (if don't already have. You will need Quickbooks or Quicken in addition to standard Microsoft Office software)
  • Printer costs
  • Paper costs (you can create your own stationary, invoices)
  • Mailing costs (usually can use third-party account number)
  • Insurance costs (medical, dental, optical) where applicable (1/2 can be written off as part of your business costs; all of it if you have an insurance group number and your spouse then carries the insurance for your family)
  • Office supplies
  • Phone costs
  • ISP monthly costs
  • Disability insurance (if not covered through a spouse)
    An average of 10-15% of your revenue will be dedicated to costs.
    Projected Tax Write-offs for Freelancers
  • All supplies (many can cross over to personal use)
  • A percentage of residence costs related to the business (mortgage, utilities based on percentage of square footage)
  • $0.57/mile for any travel related to business, including the post office and meeting with other freelancers/clients. This addresses gas and car maintenance. You can not book them separately when using the $0.57/mile.
  • Phone costs—try to have a dedicated line because without it, you can not charge it fully against your business costs.
  • One-half medical insurance costs unless you have a group plan set up and two or more employees have it available to them.
  • Office Furniture and computer purchase costs
To Calculate the Worth of Your Venture
What follows will get you started. We would be happy to spend time with you to help you determine whether it's of value.
Start by detailing your current situation:
  • All monthly household costs, including groceries, mortgage, car payments, cable/TV, credit cards, insurances, taxes, telephone, ISP costs
  • The average costs spent dining out monthly or yearly
  • Average dollars spent during your workday (coffee, lunch, snacks)
  • Gas purchases for current commute
  • Average car repair and maintenance costs per year
  • Average savings per year/month if you did not commute
  • Money spent on business clothing for the family each year/month
  • Money spent on personal grooming each year/month (nails, haircuts, hair coloring)
  • Medical/dental/optical insurance costs when independent (CDPHP, Chambers of Commerce are two options to check out)
  • What you spend now via your paycheck on medical/dental for family coverage
  • Yearly vacation costs      
Note costs that will change/be saved/increase:
  • Commuting costs (gas, tolls)
  • Lunch/coffee/snacks
  • Car maintenance (like not buying tires as often, fewer oil changes perhaps)
  • Personal grooming costs on items like pedicures/manicures (less frequent perhaps) and lower cost work clothes
  • Dining out costs
  • Medical Insurance
  • Vacation days you choose to take/afford
Adjust dollars needed. Determine how many net dollars per month are needed after expenses to become a freelancer plus money for a savings account/retirement planning.
And remember, join the Editorial Freelancers Association. It offers a wealth of information to many types of freelancers.
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