Consulting and Market Research

Free of Charge
Get to know us! TripleSSS will spend time on the phone for one hour free of charge discussing your publishing business challenges in an advisory and research capacity. Another viewpoint based on many years’ of experience running successful divisions offers you another perspective or avenue to consider. Of course, we'll want to brag a bit about our services to see if we can help you further.
Product/Project/Topic Research/Online Curriculum
Go beyond Internet research with Triple SSS Press Media Development, Inc., project and topic research services. We understand the issues and complexities of researching educational customer groups and topic areas, and we know what it takes to help you succeed from a financial and demographic analysis. Our deep market place and customer contacts help us provide the depth of information you need to stay competitive. Our research includes electronic, written, and telephone interviews to provide you with different market angles to beat the competition.
Implementation/Class Testing
We can help you cull the most important information from your potential customers through online class testing of electronic product in its beta form.
Triple SSS embraces that our role is to help you create and sell quality product. We provide the following services to help you market and sell your products.
1. Competitive analyses
2. Marketing Plans
3. Sales tools--can post to ftp site for their easy use
4. Sales meeting preparation--slides; tabbing guides; easy-access training manuals for online product
4. Call us about being on call to your sales reps when they are in the field or on the phone to answer specific content answers or to provide them materials that will seal the deal.



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